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Do you need to run up a quick Web Site at Low Cost? Need full CPanel, Email, Script Install (WordPress, etc.), MySql, etc. ?

I have used 3iX for various casual Hosting Projects since 2007, and actually found the Service and Support to be on par with much more expensive offerings! Overall I have had very few problems, and Support Tickets I’ve submitted have actually been handled quite promptly.

Please do your own research and ensure that the feature set is suitable for your application. Your mileage may vary!

For only $12 USD for a whole years worth of hosting, you could certainly do a lot worse!

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WordPress is super-easy to install using the Softaculous Auto-Installer (similar to Fantastico), which also allows you to install Drupal and a host of other platforms and scripts.

Here are just a few of the Plugins I use which are Free and which I highly recommend! In particular, Really Simple SSL is  a quick and easy way to give your WebPage SSL Support! (This works particularly well with Shared Hosting)

Want FULL FEATURED Hosting for not much over $1 a Month?

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